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Political Science

Political Science

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E. J. Brill 1981 9004063749 / 9789004063747 Softcover Very Good 
Small bump to base of spine. Chip to top of spine. Some minor wear to wraps. Creasing to rear upper corner of wraps. ; Contents: introduction; Programmatic Poems; Parody; Ovid as Daedalus: Difference in Attitude; Ovid as Daedalus: Change of Mood; Ovid's farewell: The Third book of the Amores; conclusion; Index rerum; index locorum propertianorum et ovidianorum. ; Mnemosyne Bibliotheca Classica Batava; 546 pages 
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New York Longmans, Green & Company 1927 Hardcover Very Good in Good+ dust jacket 
Scholar's name to ffep (Eleanor Irwin). Minor shelfwear to book. DJ spine is browned. DJ has light chipping ; Our Debt to Greece and Rome; 12mo 7" - 7˝" tall; 184 pages 
Price: 10.00 USD
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University of California Press 1961 Softcover Very Good+ 
Light browning to wraps. Gift inscription on inner wrap. Light pencil notes on ffep only. ; University of California Publications in History; 92 pages; Phylarchus was a Greek historical writer whose works have been lost, but not before having been considerably used by other historians whose works have survived. 
Price: 85.00 USD
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4 Alföldi, A. ; E. Alföldi-Rosenbaum; G. Alföldy; T. D. Barnes; J. Béranger; A. Chastagnol; J. F. Gilliam; A. Lippold; B. Mouchová; Th. Pekáry; H. -G. Pflaum; J. Schwartz; J. Straub; R. Syme; BONNER HISTORIA - AUGUSTA - COLLOQUIUM 1970
Rudolf Habelt Verlag 1972 3774911681 / 9783774911680 Hardcover Very Good+ with no dust jacket 
Very minor shelfwear. Very Light bumping to base of spine. Former owner's name whited-out to ffep. ; Constantinus...proverbio vulgari Trachala...nominatus / Andreas Alföldi --Apicius, De re coquinaria and the Vita Heliogabali / Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum --Notes on some birds and fishes of luxury in the Historia Augusta / Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum --Sturz des Kaisers Geta und die antike Geschichtsschreibung / GéZa Alföldy --Ultimus Antoninorum / Timothy D. Barnes --Julien l'Apostat et l'hérédité Du pouvoir impérial / Jean Béranger --Supplice inventé Par Avidius Cassius: remarques sur l'Histoire Auguste et la lettre 1 de Saint Jérôme / André Chastagnol --Histoire Auguste et les "Douze CéSars" de Suétone / André Chastagnol --Ammianus and the Historia Augusta: the lost books and the period 117-285 / J. F. Gilliam --Einfall des Radagais im Jahre 405-06 und die Vita Aureliani der Historia Augusta / Adolf Lippold --Crudelitas principis optimi / Bohumila Mouchová --Grab des Pompeius / Thomas Pekáry --Valeur de l'information historique de la vita Commodi ŕ La lumičre des personnages nomméMent cités par le biographe / Hans-Georg Pflaum --Vita Marci 17,4 et ses déVeloppements (problčmes de composition et de polémique anti-chrétienne) / Jacques Schwartz --Cassius Dio und die Historia Augusta / Johannes Straub --Marius Maximus once again / Sir Ronald Syme. ; Antiquitas 4, Band 10; 342 pages 
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5 Alföldi, Andreas; Horst Braunert; André Chastagnol; Herbert Nesselhauf; Hans-Georg Pflaum; Wolfgang Schmid; Jacques Schwartz; Johannes Straub. HISTORIA - AUGUSTA - COLLOQUIUM Bonn 1963
Rudolf Habelt Verlag 1964 377490510X / 9783774905108 Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
Very minor shelfwear. Small scratch to cloth. Former owner's name whited-out to ffep. Small pen marks to bottom of textblock. ; Contents: Andreas Alföldi: Zwei Bemerkungen zur Historia Augusta; Horst Braunert: Das Athenaeum zu Rom bei den Scriptores Historiae Augustae; André Chastagnol: Le problčme de l'histoire Auguste: Etat de la question; Herbert Nesselhauf: Patrimonium und res privata des römischen Kaisers; Hans-Georg Pflaum: Le rčglement successoral d'Hadrien; Wolfgang Schmid: Eutropspuren in der Historia Augusta; Jacques Schwartz: Avidius Cassius et les sources de l'histoire Auguste; Johannes Straub: Marnas & Die ultima verba des Septimius Severus. ; Antiquitas 4, Band 2; 192 pages 
Price: 72.00 USD
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6 Alföldi, Andrew (Trans. Harold Mattingly) A CONFLICT OF IDEAS IN THE LATE ROMAN EMPIRE The Clash between the Senate and Valentinian I
Oxford Clarendon Press 1952 Hardcover Very Good- with no dust jacket 
Ex-library copy with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket. Sound copy; 151 pages; The old world of pagan thought and custom, based on the city of Rome, tries to defend itself against the forces of innovation and disruption in the new age....On the one side, the emperor, representing the mass of the citizens...on the other, the senate and aristocracy of Rome, representing the ancient tradition and way of life. The conflict turns round the trials of leading Roman nobles for magical practices-- regarded by them as a permissible maintenance of traditional rites, but by the Emperor as symptoms of disloyalty and dangerous to his person and the state. 
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7 Alföldy, G. ; E. Birley; A. Chastagnol; L. Cracco Ruggini; J. F. Gilliam; H. P. Kohns; H. Nesselhauf; Th. Pekáry; H. -G. Pflaum; W. Schmid; J. Schwartz; W. Seston; J. Straub; K. F. Stroheker; R. Syme; B. Treucker. BONNER HISTORIA - AUGUSTA - COLLOQUIUM 1964/1965
Rudolf Habelt Verlag 1966 Hardcover Very Good+ with no dust jacket 
Very minor shelfwear. Very Light soiling to bottom of spine. ; Barbareneinfälle und religiöse Krisen in Italien / Géza Alföldy --Bellum Sarmaticum und ein Ludus Sarmaticus in der Historia Augusta / Géza Alföldy --Military intelligence and the Historia Augusta / Eric Birley --Zosime II, 38 et l'Histoire Auguste / André Chastagnol --Riflesso del mito di Alessandro nella Historia Augusta / Lellia Cracco Ruggini == Egyptian cohort in A. D. 117 / J. F. Gilliam --Wirtschaftsgeschichtliche Probleme in der Historia Augusta / Hans Peter Kohns --Vita Commodi und die Acta Urbis / Herbert Nesselhauf --Kaiser Valerians Brückenbau bei Mopsos in Kilikien / Thomas Pekáry --Valeur de la source inspiratrice de la Vita Pii ŕ La lumičre des personnalités nommément citées / Hans-Georg Pflaum --Koexistenz von Sarapiskult und Christentum im Hadrianbrief bei Vopiscus / Wolfgang Schmid --Histoire Auguste et Palmyre / Jacques Schwartz --A propos des données chronographiques de l'Histoire Auguste / Jacques Schwartz --Sur les traces de Marius Maximus: I. Marius Maximus et les consuls de 209 / William Seston --Senaculum, id est mulierum senatus / Johannes Straub --Aussenpolitik des Antonius Pius nach der Historia Augusta / Karl Friedrich Stroheker --Bogus names in the Historia Augusta / Sir Ronald Syme --Kriterien der Aktualisierung in der Historia Augusta / Barnim Treucker. ; Antiquitas 4, Band 3; 328 pages 
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8 Alföldy, G. ; T. D. Barnes; A. R. Birley; E. Birley; J. Gaudemet; J. F. Gilliam; B. Mouchová; Th. Pekáry; H. -G. Pflaum; J. Schwartz; J. Straub; K. F. Stroheker; R. Syme; BONNER HISTORIA - AUGUSTA - COLLOQUIUM 1968/1969
Rudolf Habelt Verlag 1970 3774910987 / 9783774910980 Hardcover Very Good+ with no dust jacket 
Very minor shelfwear. Very Light bumping to base of spine. Former owner's name whited-out to ffep. ; Peine roskriptionsliste in der Historia Augusta / GéZa AlföLdy --the Lost Kaisergeschichte and the Latin historical tradition / Timothy D. Barnes --Senator from Hadrumetum and three others / Timothy D. Barnes --Some notes on HA Severus, 1-4 / Antony R. Birley --Africana in the Historia Augusta / Eric Birley --Concept d'imperium dans l'Histoire Auguste / Jean Gaudemet --Three passages in the Historia Augusta / J. F. Gilliam --Omina mortis in der Historia Augusta / Bohumila Mouchová --Statuen in der Historia Augusta / Thomas Pekáry --Valeur de la source inspiratrice de la vita Hadriani et de la vita Marci Antonini ŕ La lumičre des personnalités contemporaines nomméMent citées / Hans-Georg Pflaum --Limes selon l'Histoire Auguste / Jacques Schwartz --Sur le mode de composition de la vita Aureliani --Jacques Schwartz --Severus Alexander und die mathematici --Johannes Straub --Princeps clausus / Karl Friedrich Stroheker --Secondary vitae / Sir Ronald Syme --Three jurists / Sir Ronald Syme. ; Antiquitas 4, Band 7; 381 pages 
Price: 75.00 USD
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9 Amit, M. GREAT AND SMALL POLEIS A Study in the Relations between the Great Powers and the Small Cities in Ancient Greece
Latomus 1973 Softcover Near Fine 
Pages unopened. Very light shelfwear else fine. ; Collection Latomus Volume 134; 194 pages 
Price: 60.00 USD
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University of California Press 1963 Paperback Very Good with no dust jacket Signed by Author
Light browning to spine and edges of wraps. Tiny stains to rear wrap. Faint scratch to titlepage. Light pencil marginalia to a couple of pages. Inscribed by author to front wrap: "A. E. G. With Thanks W. S. A." ; Looks at the factors affecting amicitia and Pompey's political fortunes as well as his influence on Roman culture. ; University of California Publications in Classical Philology Volume 19, No. 1, Pp. 1-88; Vol. 19; 88 pages; Signed by Author 
Price: 77.00 USD
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University of California Press 2000 0520220676 / 9780520220676 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine in Very Good+ dust jacket 
A few tiny chips to DJ else fine. ; xxi, 494pp.; Classics and Contemporary Thought; 494 pages; The Roman empire remains unique. Although Rome claimed to rule the world, it did not. Rather, its uniqueness stems from the culture it created and the loyalty it inspired across an area that stretched from the Tyne to the Euphrates. Moreover, the empire created this culture with a bureaucracy smaller than that of a typical late-twentieth-century research university. In approaching this problem, Clifford Ando does not ask the ever-fashionable question, Why did the Roman empire fall? Rather, he asks, Why did the empire last so long? Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire argues that the longevity of the empire rested not on Roman military power but on a gradually realized consensus that Roman rule was justified. This consensus was itself the product of a complex conversation between the central government and its far-flung peripheries. Ando investigates the mechanisms that sustained this conversation, explores its contribution to the legitimation of Roman power, and reveals as its product the provincial absorption of the forms and content of Roman political and legal discourse. Throughout, his sophisticated and subtle reading is informed by current thinking on social formation by theorists such as Max Weber, Jrgen Habermas, and Pierre Bourdieu. 
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University of Pennsylvania Press 2011 0812243544 / 9780812243543 Hardcover Fine in Fine dust jacket 
The Romans depicted the civil law as a body of rules crafted through communal deliberation for the purpose of self-government. Yet, as Clifford Ando demonstrates in Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition, the civil law was also an instrument of empire: many of its most characteristic features developed in response to the challenges posed when the legal system of Rome was deployed to embrace, incorporate, and govern people and cultures far afield. Ando studies the processes through which lawyers at Rome grappled with the legal pluralism resulting from imperial conquests. He focuses primarily on the tools—most prominently analogy and fiction—used to extend the system and enable it to regulate the lives of persons far from the minds of the original legislators, and he traces the central place that philosophy of language came to occupy in Roman legal thought. In the second part of the book Ando examines the relationship between civil, public, and international law. Despite the prominence accorded public and international law in legal theory, it was civil law that provided conceptual resources to those other fields in the Roman tradition. Ultimately it was the civil law's implication in systems of domination outside its own narrow sphere that opened the door to its own subversion. When political turmoil at Rome upended the institutions of political and legislative authority and effectively ended Roman democracy, the concepts and language that the civil law supplied to the project of Republican empire saw their meanings transformed. As a result, forms of domination once exercised by Romans over others were inscribed in the workings of law at Rome, henceforth to be exercised by the Romans over themselves. ; Empire and After; 184 pages 
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13 Andreas; Géza Alföldy; Eric Birley; André Chastagnol; Adolf Lippold; Jacques Schwartz; Johannes Straub; Ronald Syme BONNER HISTORIA - AUGUSTA - COLLOQUIUM 1966/1967
Rudolf Habelt Verlag 1968 Hardcover Very Good+ with no dust jacket 
Minor shelfwear. Light bump to base of spine. ; Verlorene Enmannsche Kaisergeschichte und die "Caesares" des Iulianus Apostata / Andreas Alföldi--Erklärung des Namens "Caesar" in den spätrömischen Kompendien (zu v. Ael. 2,3-5) / Andreas Alföldi; --Herkunft und Laufbahn des Clodius Albinus in der Historia Augusta / Géza Alföldy; --Some teachers of M. Aurelius / Anthony R. Birley --Some militaria in the Historia Augusta / Eric Birley --Utilisation des "Caesares" d'Aurelius Victor dans l'Histoire Auguste / André Chastagnol --A propos du "iudicium magnum" de l'empereur Probus / André Chastagnol --Kaiser Maximinus Thrax und der römische Senat (Interpretationen zur vita der Maximini Duo) / Adolf Lippold --Sur la date de l'Histoire Auguste / Jacques Schwartz --Calpurnia univiria / Johannes Straub --Ipse ille patriarcha / Sir Ronald Syme --Ignotus, the good biographer / Sir Ronald Syme. ; Antiquitas 4, Band 4; 179 pages 
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Cambridge University Press 2013 1107028175 / 9781107028173 Hardcover Fine in Fine dust jacket 
This is a comprehensive analysis of the idea of libertas and its conflicting uses in the political struggles of the late Roman Republic. By reconstructing Roman political thinking about liberty against the background of Classical and Hellenistic thought, it excavates two distinct intellectual traditions on the means allowing for the preservation and the loss of libertas. Considering the interplay of these traditions in the political debates of the first century BC, Dr Arena offers a significant reinterpretation of the political struggles of the time as well as a radical reappraisal of the role played by the idea of liberty in the practice of politics. She argues that, as a result of its uses in rhetorical debates, libertas underwent a form of conceptual change at the end of the Republic and came to legitimise a new course of politics, which led progressively to the transformation of the whole political system. ; 336 pages 
Price: 70.00 USD
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15 Aristotle; B. Jowett THE POLITICS OF ARISTOTLE. VOL. I & VOL. II. PART I [2 VOLUME SET] Translated Into English. with Introduction, Marginal Analysis, Essays, Notes and Indices. Vol. I: Containing the Introduction and Translations. Vol. II. Part I: Containing the Notes
Oxford Clarendon Press 1885 Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
Former owner's bookplate to inner cover (Keith Steel-Maitland) to both volumes. V1: Light foxing to endpapers. Light wear to corners. VG. Vol 2: 7 white paint drops to front board (liquid paper? ). Light wear to corners and spine ends. Light foxing to prelims. 1 corner slightly bent. VG-. ; V1: Cxlv, 302 pp. V2: 320 pp. Lacking volume 2 part 2, which contained Jowett's essays; 2 Volume Set; Vol. 1-2.1; 622 pages 
Price: 85.00 USD
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Verlag Jakob Hegner 1967 Hardcover Very Good+ in Good+ dust jacket 
Very light shelfwear to book. DJ has creasing and chipping and a few small tear along top edge. ; Hegner-Bücherei; 447 pages 
Price: 8.00 USD
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17 Arnold, C. J. C. (Christianus Johannes Cornelis) OORZAAK EN SCHULD VAN DEN TWEEDEN PUNISCHEN OORLOG
H. J. Paris 1939 Hardcover Very Good+ 
A couple of stamps to titlepage. Softcover has been rebound in attractive green and grey boards preserving original wraps. ; Looks at the Second Punic War. Text is in Dutch. ; 82 pages 
Price: 35.00 USD
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Latomus 1958 Softcover Very Good 
Pages unopened. Light shelfwear else fine. Light foxing to wraps. ; Collection Latomus Volume XXXII; 47 pages 
Price: 60.00 USD
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19 Austin, N. J. E., & N. B. Rankov EXPLORATIO Military & Political Intelligence in the Roman World from the Second Punic War to the Battle of Adrianople
London Routledge 1996 0415049458 / 9780415049450 First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket 
Former owner's embossed circular name stamp on title, thin strips of clear tape attached to pastedowns and dustjacket, else minor shelfwear. ; Xiii, 292pp, illustrated. ; 292 pages 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Cornell University Press 1981 0801491096 / 9780801491092 Second Edition Softcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
Minor shelfwear. ; The motives and the various aspects of Roman imperialism in the second century are briefly analysed, and the changes in Roman attitudes due to the gradual progress of the 'Roman Revolution' are traced from that point to Caesar. The aim has been to follow the ancient sources and to eliminate prejudices imported by modern social and economic conditions and theories. ; 117 pages 
Price: 28.00 USD
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